“Victorious Boxing’s holistic approach to the sport is more “modern” and highly structured then anything I have experienced thus far. My favorite part was the pre-and-post fitness assessment which was essential for setting my goal and achieving it. At first I was concerned about how the team would accept the coaching but was pleased when all the concepts started to fall into place for my style of boxing. It was a collection of all the techniques and in the end, the coaching was successful. The service is top notch, top of the line, modern, holistic, and will change your life for the positive! I am very thankful!”


Kinesiology Student and President of the Matador Boxing Team at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN)

“I really love how Peter is engaging and very knowledgeable about the workouts that he provides. My favorite part of the experience was knowing that Peter will explain the workouts and also give me some feedback in regards to my body/muscle alignment. He really cares for his clients and caters to them individually. Every workout has a purpose behind it and is carefully implemented to your routine, providing the science behind it in a vernacular way. One of my hesitation prior to hiring V.B. was not being able to keep up with the workouts. However, throughout my sessions I have been able to increase the intensity of the workouts and complete what was planned for that day. Thank you for your amazing service and continuous dedication!”


Master in Social Work Student at University of Southern California (USC)

“Peter has always been supportive and adaptive to my fitness level and abilities. I always feel my needs are first and my workouts are never cookie cutter even if I do the same exercises as other people. Things never get stale or too easy. I always feel challenged. At first I was afraid of being judged but It did not come true. Instead I found a good supportive trainer and friend. I now tell all my friends to ‘Do it! It is really important to have another person critique form so you exercise right.’ I feel that working out is now part of my life, not just a thing I am doing.”


Information Technology Specialist

“VBoxing is very open to feedback and will work with your fitness and sport specific goals to ensure that you will get the best and most out of your experience. My favorite part about working with VBoxing was the in-ring experience (both sparring and competition). It helped me to apply techniques in a real-world scenario rather than a “choreography” routine and gave more insight and appreciation for the sport specifically. Though I enjoyed the in-ring activities the most, one of my Aha Moments came while shadow boxing with the Lomachenko lines. It opened my eyes to the application of new and old techniques and how I can set myself up for counter punches and new angles with footwork. There is always something new to learn and there are always room for improvement. Having a coach that believes in me rather than suggesting not to compete gives me more confidence and allows me to pursue more involvement in competition. It is important to keep pushing and TRUST THE PROCESS.”


Kinesiology Student at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN)

“Victorious Boxing has really changed my lifestyle, it has helped me realize everything I’m capable of regarding fitness. It gave me the strength to push myself further and overcome my limits and I can say that this is the reason I believe in myself more. It has also made me feel more confident in myself knowing that I now have the ability to defend myself. Victorious Boxing has really had a positive influence on my life and I am excited to continue working with them.”


Biology Student at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN)

“Victorious is more knowledgeable in fitness than other services I have used. The trainers are extremely motivated and enjoy helping you reach your fitness goals. Before joining Victorious, I was fearful that boxing would not be for me. I assumed I needed to be a good fighter to start boxing. Instead, the trainers work with all experience levels and helped me overcome my fitness plateau. I am very impressed with the training, continuously learning new tricks that make me a better boxer every session and have now completely transformed my entire workout routine. Victorious has shown me the most efficient way to reach my fitness goals. I would like to say thank you to Victorious for their dedication and effort. It has helped me tremendously throughout my boxing journey. If you are looking for the best training money can buy, choose Victorious Boxing because they truly care about your personal and physical wellbeing!”


Consumer Affairs Student at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN)

“Before working with Victorious Boxing my biggest fear was re-injuring my knee however it did not come true. Instead Peter did an in-depth analysis of my boxing stance, adjusted for knee pain and focused on proper form. It allowed me to focus more on working towards the little things in my technique and as a result my footwork all started to come together. My favorite part of this experience was the sparring. It gave an in-ring experience and a chance to grow abilities and perfect techniques. Peter is the man!”


Subject Matter Student at Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN)

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